Baby Sleep Music – Does It Help

Baby Sleep Music - Does It Help

‘Music gets me through the day, and rocks me to sleep at night.’

There is life without music! When a baby enters the world, the first music they hear is the sound of his/her mother and father. Music is anything that sounds good to the ears. If it is not pleasant, it is just noise! The first cry of the baby is considered music to the ears for the parents. They celebrate the moment once the child enters the world.

While the first cry is musical to the ears, the constant crying of a baby might cause trouble in the neighbourhood. A crying baby is hard to console, especially when they are not able to sleep through the night. The neighbours might complain and your sleep will go for a toss.

Additionally, it is heartbreaking to see your baby cry and the teary-eyed little one cannot even communicate with you through proper words. They cry because they do not want to be left alone through the night. If nothing is working on your baby – cry it out method or the camping out method, then it is time to use something different.

How about playing sleep music for the babies? The question is – Baby sleep music does it help? Well, we are here with the apt answer (s) and would like to share more with you. Let’s get started!

The Relationship Between Music and Sleep

Many studies have been conducted across the globe, and the scientists and psychiatrists have found a strong relationship between music and sleep. In fact, there is calm music for hyper and aggressive dogs as well. These have been effective on many aggressive puppies who are usually destructive in nature.

If music works well with dogs, it will surely work on a human baby. When a super slow song plays in the background, you start feeling sleepy because there are certain tunes that might put you to sleep.

This is exactly our point! There are musical tunes that have slow beats and this helps in putting you to sleep. This is not just true for babies or dog, even adults can fall asleep with certain type of music playing in the background.

Put on any song by Nina Simone or Guns N’ Roses and your mind will hit the snooze button. Music has a powerful relation and connection with sleep. Did you know that music could also make a schizophrenic person sleep? Music is helpful because it calms the nerves. People prefer to hear classical music before they sleep as it calms their body, mind and soul.

The moment you feel sleepy, the heart rate goes slower as the music starts moving forward. The magic is in 60 beats per minute.

Do lullabies put the baby to sleep?

Whenever we watch a movie, it shows how the baby goes to sleep after hearing a lullaby. There are quite a few soothing lullabies which have been used for putting a baby to sleep. Music, especially lullabies, has a special effect on infants.

Did you know that lullaby helps in easing anxiety and pain in a baby? You might be thinking as to why the baby feels scared of the world! Think about it – the baby has just entered the world and has no idea about the baffling and confusing race that everyone is running in. Strange faces appear and loud sounds scare the child. They do not know the concept of ghosts, but for them – the people around them are unfamiliar and scary.

They feel comfortable in your arms and consider it safe for sleeping. As soon as you sing a lullaby to them, they are in their own world and it calms them down.

There is a very good reason why mothers and fathers sing the lullaby in a hush tone. It creates a strong bond between the parents and the baby. The question remains the same – What has music got to do with sleep?

Have you ever seen a depressed or heartbroken woman or man? They use sad songs to release their emotions. They sing along, cry and feel it in their heart. Sometimes hearing a sad song could help you to expend all the energy and feel better. Similarly, lullabies are soothing to the baby and it creates a positive atmosphere for them.

White Noise for Putting the Babies to Sleep

You can buy baby sleep music from the stores near you. The best way to do is to test few YouTube videos. There are quite a few white noise audio tracks on YouTube that help in putting your baby to sleep.

When the babies are small, they are teething and stay awake through the night. It could be stressful for the little one, especially when they cannot communicate through words. They can only cry or look at you with weepy eyes.

White noise sounds such as nature and waves are not as effective as the sound of rain falling on the roof or hair dryer. It might sound like a boring and lengthy lecture to you, but it does a good job at putting the baby to sleep.

If you are using low-pitch white noise music, the baby is sure to sleep in no time! Thanks to technology, there are white noise music apps available on mobiles and tablets. You can simply install it and play the music in the background.

Introducing Music to Your Baby’s Life

The baby is unfamiliar with the word ‘music’, but you need to introduce it well in time! Simply put on a white noise lullaby or sing a lullaby to them. This will help them to feel calm and the hush sounds will put them to sleep. This is their escape and it makes them feel comfortable and safe.

Make sure you use pleasant sounds. It would be good to experiment with different tracks and sounds. You will get to know what your baby likes! By experimentation, you will find out the right sounds that help your baby to fall asleep.

To answer the question in one line – Yes, baby sleep music DOES help. All you need to do is choose the right music. recommends Mary-Ann Schuler's Baby Sleep Miracle Guide to help your baby sleep naturally. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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