Baby Wont Sleep – What Can I Do?

Baby Wont Sleep - What Can I Do?

‘Having a baby is a life changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day.’
– Taylor Hanson

How will you wake up fresh if the baby does not sleep all night? When the baby enters the world, it becomes a hassle to get them to sleep alone. Even if you are keeping them close to your chest, they are still in a dilemma because everything is new and strange for the little ones.

There can be multiple reasons why your baby is not getting enough sleep. Why are they up almost every time and crying? Here’s an informative post that talks about why your baby is not sleeping and what you can do about it.

Possible Reasons for Baby Staying Up All Night

You have tried to find the answer on Quora and it is not helping you. It is a daily ritual of parents to Google the same question – Baby won’t sleep what can I do? There are millions of users who are trying to figure out why the baby is feeling restless.

The day you get pregnant, your life changes. The daily routine is not the same anymore, and your body is no longer the same and it needs better care. You need to embrace changes in your overall lifestyle such as no drinking and smoking.

Similarly, the baby is trying to adapt to the new world because they just knew the environment and space in your womb. There are unfamiliar faces and extreme weather conditions that might scare the baby.

When the baby was in the womb, they could know get to experience the rhythm of day and night through you. Did you know that by sleeping peacefully during pregnancy, your baby must have felt good and active in your womb? Now as soon as the baby opens the eyes, the stress is on feeding the baby. This can be stressful for him/her! They have no sense of timing and can get hungry at any point. The babies are not used to the 24-hour timing system and as a parent, you need to understand that this is a phase and it shall pass.

The baby may not be able to sleep because they need to be fed or want your reassurance through the night. Leaving them alone could be stressful for both you and the baby. Another reason for restlessness is teething. When the baby is teething, they go through a lot of discomfort.

Yes, it is stressful to raise a child but the sleepless nights are worth it. We are not asking you to sleep less and camp near your baby’s crib. We have a couple of solutions for this problem. Let us take a look at the possible solution that may work for your baby to sleep better.

The Possible Solutions For Putting Your Baby To Sleep

Every problem has a solution, but this one in particular has many solutions.

#1 Set a routine – Give your baby a soothing bubble bath and then make them wear a comfortable pyjama. The baby needs to know that the family follows a routine. Sing them a lullaby and make it a point that you do this every single day. This way the baby would know that it is time to sleep. Tell them a story or sing a lullaby and do not spend more than 30 minutes to finish the routine. In the first few months – at least 6 months – you should let the baby sleep next to your bed.

#2 Allow the baby to fall asleep by herself/himself – You do not want to raise a stubborn kid, do you? Try to let them sleep on their own. Do not rock their crib or feed them. Sit on a chair next to the crib so that they know you are around. Allow them to fall asleep, but do not endorse the idea of the baby getting used to being fed or rocked before sleeping. This will make them stubborn and once it becomes a habit, they will not fall asleep.

# Ferber’s Method – Ferber talked about the cry it out method, but that does not mean that he endorsed leaving your baby all alone in the room. You can endorse the idea of self-soothing, but it is not plausible to leave the door shut. The baby does not know the language as of yet and cannot call out for help through words. They will cry, but allow them to settle on their own. Let them cry for few seconds and if it becomes too loud, stand next to their crib. The baby needs to learn self-soothing, but never leave them alone in the room. You must always check after every few minutes.

Takeaway Advice

Give a soft toy to the baby to sleep with. Small babies love to cuddle with something soft and ideal to snuggle with. In a recent study, parents were told to control how much they went inside the room to comfort the little baby.

It helped in improving the sleep pattern of the baby and the parents. Always check whether the baby is wearing comfortable clothing or not. How is the temperature? Is it too hot or cold inside the room? It is possible that the baby is not comfortable in the clothes and the overall temperature.

Does the baby have a rash or a health problem? Check with the paediatrician before you can come to a conclusion. Your baby depends on you and it will be heartbreaking to let them cry for hours! Additionally, the neighbours and other family members will get a disturbed sleep.

It is just a matter of few months! Your baby needs a proper routine and YOU are the only person who could work it out. So, develop a routine and make sure the temperature is pleasant for the little one.

Camping out method and checking on the baby after a couple of minutes is a good idea. They will soon be able to sleep alone at night. recommends Mary-Ann Schuler's Baby Sleep Miracle Guide to help your baby sleep naturally. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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