How to Make a Newborn Sleep Without Being Held?

How to Make a Newborn Sleep Without Being Held?

Getting a baby to sleep is hard work. Ask any parent and they will tell you about the amount of hard work that goes into making your baby fall asleep without holding them. Newborns sleep heavily but at the age of about seven months most of them cannot sleep without being held. You need to hold them until they sleep. Your arms are the safest place to be and they want constant human interaction.

Sometimes you do this – sometimes maybe for up to an hour – but the moment you put them down, the baby starts crying. This can sometimes drain the parent’s energy. You may have had to wake up late in the night to hold them back to sleep.

How do you ensure that they can go back to sleep on their own?

The question is – How to get a newborn to sleep without being held?

Most babies can’t sleep on their own. As such there is no need to worry or rush. If you are busy or your newborn takes too long to sleep, don’t worry. We have the best solution. Babies might be different but they follow the same basic routines. We will give you these techniques and the best ways to use them to your advantage.

Sleep training

Most parents adopt a sleep pattern similar to that of their babies. This can sometimes be inconvenient when the baby wakes up late in the night. You are probably doing this and are desperately in need of a solution. We will give you exactly that.

There are however situations that can’t be avoided. These include changing the babies. Newborns with unchanged diapers will most likely keep crying and lose sleep. The baby may also get hungry in which case you will have to feed him. Older babies may eat enough during the day to last then for the night.

Start early

Train your baby from an early age to learn to sleep on his own. This will help them to put themselves back to sleep. It is important to realise that the baby needs to get used to these patterns. It will take time for them to adapt to these new changes. Eventually this will bear good fruit.

Change pre sleep habits

If you always feed your baby before sleep, they will never sleep on their own until you hold and feed them. However, some babies normally get hungry when sleepy so carefully study your baby before you do this.

Soothing music

Soft soothing music can help your baby have a full nights sleep. However, you should check if music appeals to your baby or not.

Day naps

If you have a day job and you need a full night’s sleep, it helps if the baby also sleeps at night. This can be achieved by making your baby active in the day so he doesn’t nap. Afternoon naps will leave your baby sleepless at night. Give the baby toys to play with during the day. This will ensure he is tired during the night.

Clothes to wear

If your baby was used to sleeping with you, they will probably feel colder sleeping alone. Therefore, make sure your baby is wearing warmer clothes while sleeping. It is good to avoid blankets in the first few days. This is because the baby may get entangled and panic.

The Crib

Choosing the right crib

The first step is finding a crib that is the right fit for your baby. Without this, other methods simply don’t work.

You have the crib. Make it as friendly as possible. You can use colorful blessings to make your baby comfortable. However there is a limit to how you decorate the crib. Research has shown that dull colors are most likely to keep your baby sleepy.

If your baby has some favorite toys, you can allow him to play with them in the crib. This not only makes your baby comfortable but it may also tire him out.

Avoid putting your baby down in the crib when he is already asleep

Babies are very sensitive and they will most likely feel this. This is the reason babies wake up the moment you put them down.

Wait for your baby to get very sleepy. Lay them down slowly but make sure you do not let them go. This will make them feel safe. Keep touching them softly until they doze off. Do this for about a month and your newborn will adopt this habit. After a while, you can introduce toys for the baby to hold onto.

This is probably the hardest thing to do. Your newborn is used to being held before sleeping. They feel safe when in your arms. They will therefore find it hard to break this habit. You have to be slow in introducing the crib. Try leaving the baby in the crib during the day. Leave him toys to play with so he develops a feeling of safety in the crib. This will help when transitioning to sleeping alone.

Easing them in

Babies are used to being rocked before sleeping. This means that they can’t sleep while lying down in their crib. It is therefore necessary to start holding your baby still before he sleeps. This will make the crib similar to your arms.

Giving your baby something to hold onto in the crib will give her comfort. A toyto hug can give the baby a feeling of safety. The main reason babies find it hard to sleep in cribs is because they feel lonely. Remember that they are used to sleeping with someone and leaving them alone will most likely scare them.

Concluding Thoughts

Try being patient. Don’t rush to your newborn whenever she cries. Wait for about two minutes and see whether they sleep. However, do not ignore your baby for a long time as they might feel abandoned.

Sometimes the babies cries will make you cave in. It might seem inhuman to ignore him but sometimes it is necessary for both your sakes.

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