When Can Babies Fall Asleep on their Own?

When Can Babies Fall Asleep on their Own?

As a parent, you feel satisfied watching your baby sleeping peacefully. Is there a better feeling in this world?

Sleep is an essential part of daily activity in human life. Just like an adult needs 8 hours of sleep, the baby requires 10-12 hours of sleep. In the initial months, the baby would need comfort and reassurance that you are around. Leaving them alone in the room could be stressful for the baby!

As parents, it is too demanding and you may feel irksome at times. If you leave the baby alone for few minutes, it is possible that their loud cries will wake up the whole neighborhood. What is the solution to this?

Let us understand the following query – when babies can fall asleep on their own?

Sleeping pattern

Children sleep for 3 to 4 hours without waking up, but an adult can sleep for 8 hours or more, especially at night-time. When babies are 2-3 months old, they cannot differentiate between day and night and tend to get confused. So, a kid makes their pattern and sleeps any time of the day. To setup things right for a good night’s sleep, you need to limit the number of daytime naps.
The sleep pattern varies because of a huge difference in age and maturity level of both. Slowly a toddler learns the tactics of sleeping for long hours. The parents need to give them some time to adapt. You need to understand that the baby had a different environment inside the womb.

They knew about day and night through YOU!

It will take a little effort to train them to sleep alone. Is your baby a night owl? He/she is not unique that way because babies get restless and take short naps through the day.
Keeping them active through the day

Daytime should be fun time! Do not take naps in front of your baby because they observe and learn. You need to interact with the baby throughout the day. Let the sunshine enter his/her room as this will teach them how to differentiate between day and night.

During night, you should turn the lights off and there should be pin-drop-silence. Do not start playing with the baby when they wake up. This will help them to learn that night is meant for sleeping.

Surround them with toys or objects they like

You can offer the toys that he likes during sleep hours. Once you provide the materials/toys that he likes, they become comfortable and fall asleep. There is a sense of comfort and belonging. Also, babies are quite attached to soft toys or objects that they find exciting.

Comfortable bedding

The baby needs fluffy and soft fabric on the mattress. Make the baby feel comfortable in the bed by getting the right mattress and a soft pillow. Babies sleep comfortably in the arms of their parents, which they perceive to be the safest place. Make sure that the bed is protected and secure by providing comfort.

Stop feeding before sleep time

If your toddler falls asleep while breastfeeding or taking a bottle of milk, then he is not learning the art of sleep on his own. You need to change the feeding pattern and make him lay on bed alone.

Hush! Baby is Trying To Fall Asleep

Babies are easily distracted. The best way to give complete rest to your child is to have minimal or no distractions around the area. A good sleeping environment is vital and that includes turning off the lights.

The Cry out Loud Method

Babies cry a lot in the early phase of their life. Sometimes people leave their kid alone, and he starts to cry during sleep time. After doing it in intervals, he adapts and tries to sleep on his own without needing anyone to hold him. He becomes aware of the fact that crying does not show any results in his favor.

Note: At times, you have to check if a baby is crying, it might be a health hazard or a stressful situation.

Soft music

A baby wakes up at regular intervals in the night, which is a common characteristic among all. Soft and gentle music played around him could be of great use. When the baby wakes up at night, he goes back to sleep after listening to the soft music. You can use white noise music to put your baby to a deep slumber.

Self-soothing Technique

When a baby is born, he learns the tactic of self-sleeping after a couple of months. This technique is gained at different times by many children. It depends on self-adoptability. In self-training, a baby rubs his head against the cot, rolling around, which makes him fall asleep again. This procedure will not require you to feed him or perform any other duty.

Another way of dealing is:
When your baby is sleepy and exhausted, put him down on the bed alone and wait for him to self soothe. Consistent practice of this method will not require your presence anymore to nurse him.

Feed them well

Most of the children wake up and make noises because they are hungry. The best way to comfort yourself and your toddler is by feeding him the right amount before bed-time. Keep his belly filled so that there will be less chance for him to wake up. He will continue to sleep because there will be no hunger pangs.

Note – Put him/her to sleep early. Set a time every night. Ideally, you should put the baby in the crib at 7-7:30 PM. Do not put the baby to sleep late in the night because they will get over tired through the day.

Massaging and Relaxing

Give a little massage with lotion/oil 30 minutes before sleep. This will reduce any pain or distress that is felt by the baby. It will create a rare chance for a kid to get up due to any ache in the body. Massage relaxes the mind and body.

Turn off the Television

It is shown by research that usage of mobile and watching a TV before 30 minutes of sleep cause distractions in sleep. You need to keep gadgets away from your kid to give his brain some time to relax.

A quick note for parents

Babies will learn to sleep alone after 4-6 months of age. Do not try to use sleep training techniques before 4 months. If the baby continues to seek attention even after 9 months of age, then you need to visit the pediatrician.

Give your baby comfort, food and love. That’s all they need! Following a routine and keeping them well-fed is a sure-shot way to help them sleep better. recommends Mary-Ann Schuler's Baby Sleep Miracle Guide to help your baby sleep naturally. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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